All water features and all the technology must function harmoniously to ensure our visitors have a pleasurable and satisfying experience.

Our involvement in more than 150 pool and spa projects has shown us that all technical issues must be perfectly coordinated already during the planning phase to ensure trouble-free and cost-efficient operating later on.

Quality of the building and of the technical facilities

Our planning services

Technical optimisation of operations:
Rising operating costs make optimal regulation of power, heat, water and wastewater a very important factor for potential savings.

Sanitary solutions:
Strict regulations and complex chemical processes require extensive knowledge of and experience with sanitary procedures (e.G. legionella elimination and prevention).

Technical support:
Many years of operating our own pool and spa facilities have taught us how important it is for the technical operators to have ongoing technical training by our engineers.

Water features and pool design:
The pricipal and the architects often draw on our experience for the creative design of pools and water features: Visitors expect new and special attractions in every new pool/spa area.

Technical planning:
Our core business is the technical planning (heating, ventilation/airconditioning, sanitation and water treatment) of all types of pool and spa facilities.:

  • Design and pracitcal planning
  • Construction managment and site supervision with particular attention to quality, cost and deadlines
  • Commissioning and start of operations
  • Final acceptance and take-over
  • Rectification of defects

Technology and filter renovation:
It is not always necessary to fully renovate existing facilities. However, it is very important to cyrry out a neutral and substantiated planning process for every single technical renovation.

Energy strategies:
Efficient energy strategies are vital for reducing future operating costs of new buildings.